Gypsy AllStars

Cedric Leonardi’s passion for gypsy music started long before he joined the Gypsy Kings. From his window on the outskirts of Montpellier’s ‘La city gely’ where the gypsies of the South of France have their base, Cedric could hear the striking rhythms and voices which spawned the Gypsy Kings. “They could hear me and I could hear them”, explained Ced of his start as a drummer 25 years ago co-inciding with his love affair with gypsy music. Building on a core team of long time friends, Ced has enlisted the support of the Gipsy Kings family to help bring the vision for Gypsy AllStars alive. The project invites the multi-talented pedigree of gypsies to share their passion for music and life. The Gypsy Allstars ignite audiences wherever they go.

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