Feel the Rhythm … Feel the Rhyme

I’d say this photo pretty much sums it up. But I feel like I need to be more specific for you … So I’ve spent the past 3 months working on a project with Red Bull called Urban Rhythm. I spent the last 8 days in Houston building, executing, and shooting the final product. Nothing went smoothly and the weather tried to kill us all, but the results were epic. So it’s all worth it, right?

What is Urban Rhythm?
A Red Bull BMX/Art project
random ghetto pump track goes up in the middle of downtown Houston and the local art/graffiti community uses the entire setup as a blank canvas. Then we invite the best BMX riders in the USA to come play.

From concept to design to branding to build-out to pulling the whole thing off on a tight budget in the middle of a Midwest storm … this was a whirlwind experience that caps off my 2013. Look for the full project to hit my portfolio over the next week or two.

Check out the Recap Video














iphone photo mash-up:

  1. Alva

    Nutzu / That video went 30 dollars over bgedut and is the November rain of song clips, Jipa the critics wil slag you off but in the future you will be visonary!!!2nd that ginga call

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