From Canada to Oregon // The Story

Recently I was in Canada to shoot an amazing wedding on the shores of the Okanagan Lake in British Columbia. The week prior I made a stop through Vancouver and visited Granville Island on a very gloomy, rainy day. I happened upon a small workshop that day and met a cool dude named Robert Dobie. He had a massive tree trunk in front of him – a plethora of tools, wood chips, drawings, piles and… Read more »


A cold front has hit much of the US and there is wintery weather everywhere I look right about now. I’m not a huge fan of frostbite nor do I embrace the loss of feeling in my hands and feet, but I do enjoy the change in weather and fashion that goes with it. (As you can see above that means flannel, beards and weird hats) I’m looking forward to a tiny bit of rest… Read more »