From Canada to Oregon // The Story

Recently I was in Canada to shoot an amazing wedding on the shores of the Okanagan Lake in British Columbia. The week prior I made a stop through Vancouver and visited Granville Island on a very gloomy, rainy day. I happened upon a small workshop that day and met a cool dude named Robert Dobie. He had a massive tree trunk in front of him – a plethora of tools, wood chips, drawings, piles and… Read more »


Media. Imagery. Capturing. Creating. This is my life. So there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to showcase and share this stuff with people … clients, colleagues, friends, family, complete strangers. I have a new set of a growing list of some of my favorite work. Some of it’s commercial work, some of it’s personal work and some of it can’t even embody a title. If you get a chance,

check… Read more »

Nerd Alert

I decided to continue my Lego cinema series with a little Middle Earth drama. I realize this is a nerdy project but the reason I attempt these miniature shoots is to challenge myself to find ways to light a tiny subject to create cinematic quality imagery. I got my hands on a Gandalf character from the Lord of the Rings Lego set and got down to it creating a set in-studio that could be creatively… Read more »

Just Do It

Looking back on your entire year in one day is always a brisk memory lane jog that turns into a marathon. As a photographer and film maker it has always been fun to sit down at least once a year and reminisce on projects, creative experimentation, successes, collaborations and moments that freeze time and take you back. Today was that day for me and I want to share some images that bring back the magic… Read more »

Rampage Spotting

I was fortunate to be a part of Red Bull Rampage this year in Virgin, Utah. Check out the project here: RAMPAGE The national NBC broadcast of that event aired a few days ago and I eagerly turned it on to see what it looked like from the aerial perspective. Also I wanted to play a little “where’s waldo” and see if I could spot myself on the ground or… Read more »


A cold front has hit much of the US and there is wintery weather everywhere I look right about now. I’m not a huge fan of frostbite nor do I embrace the loss of feeling in my hands and feet, but I do enjoy the change in weather and fashion that goes with it. (As you can see above that means flannel, beards and weird hats) I’m looking forward to a tiny bit of rest… Read more »

Feel the Rhythm … Feel the Rhyme

I’d say this photo pretty much sums it up. But I feel like I need to be more specific for you … So I’ve spent the past 3 months working on a project with Red Bull called Urban Rhythm. I spent the last 8 days in Houston building, executing, and shooting the final product. Nothing went smoothly and the weather tried to kill us all, but the results were epic. So it’s all worth it,… Read more »

Lego Cinema

I recently decided to explore some creative “portrait” images with mini-models … also known as Legos. As a kid, I was obsessed with this particular brand of fun. My brother and I used to spend hours building entire Lego cities. It’s been a few years since I was a child, and since then the brand has grown to embrace cinematic themes like Star Wars, Marvel comics, and other large picture themes. I decided this past… Read more »