Shooting. Editing. Storyboarding. Photoshopping. Illustrating. Layout. Print. Rendering. Uploading. Programming. Color-correcting. Sleep for three hours. Chipotle for fuel. RedBull for breakfast. And another 21 hours behind the lens and in front of the screen. This is the average day for me. When a man loves what he does, it can be said it’s not actually work, and for every minute I spend perfecting creative media projects, I am most certainly not working.

When a break in the day/night occurs, I also enjoy Mad Men, The Newsroom, Laker basketball, indie films,
anything with an Apple on it, and exorbitantly large monitors.


What I Bring to the Table

As a creative professional in the field for 8 years, I fulfill three specific roles:

Photographer Profile Image


With a strong background in portrait photography and photo journalism, I bring a unique perspective to each project. I love to engage and connect with my subjects and create images with motion and depth. Action sports and athlete activation within a brand specific environment are areas I excel at with a camera.

Film Maker Profile Image

Film Maker

Very few mediums can evoke emotion like film can. The heavy use of two of your strongest senses simultaneously has always been a fascination for me. I specifically focus on special interest pieces, documentary projects and short viral commercial spots.
Art Director / Designer Profile Image

Art Director / Designer

I have been a designer and artist ever since I was a kid. That passion has transitioned smoothly into the age of digital media. I specialize in creating complete design-heavy campaigns that span from print, publishing, web, social and digital media products.